About us


Becoming an expert in logistics does not happen overnight. It requires knowledge, creativity, and above all years of experience. Speaking of experience, Van Galen Logistiek was established in 1890.

Since the beginning of Van Galen Logistiek and up to this day, we have remained a family business. Loyal to our core values: personal contact, trustworthiness, and always the logistical solution that you need. At this moment, the fifth generation is running our company based upon the same values and beliefs as in 1890. We continuously strive to exceed expectations, including our own. We are here to take your logistical problems away allowing you to focus on your specialty.

When it comes to a logistical service provider, you expect the provider to deliver good consistent quality at all times. You want a personalized service that adds value to your company or online store. And of course, everything should be arranged correctly for an attractive price. All the above mentioned can be found at Van Galen Logistiek. But there is more… we completely unburden you in the entire process.

We can do this due to our enormous experience (est. 1890). With creative solutions and personalized service, we always deliver as promised and take it even one step further. Despite competitors forcing you in ineffective processes. We strive to do the exact opposite and exceed your expectations time after time. Not just with one of our processes, but in every single one.

Inform us about the challenges you struggle with and we will deliver a tailormade solution. After all, this is why you choose Van Galen Logistiek.