Mission and vision

We know how Logistics

Providing logistic services has been our core business for decennia. We do this with a lot of passion. We deliver a service that is based upon stability, quality, and commitment. We seek long-lasting partnerships with both our customers and our employees.

It is extremely important to keep your values in mind. At all times. Our customers expect us to strive for perfection and that we aim on becoming a better version of ourselves. We do not stop here. If needed, we can advise on expenses, service, and or sustainability.

As we are a fifth-generation company, we know the value of highly skilled employees. We believe that your employees are a representation of the company and therefore, we invest a lot in internal training and we believe that both the young and older generation can learn a lot from each other. We are proud to be able to deliver service for over 130 years.

Our vision is future based. We stimulate ourselves to discover ways of transportation and warehousing with the environment in mind. We strive to become more sustainable. We want to become a greener version of ourselves while maintaining the level of service that we are known for.